Christmas Decorations in Port Gamble

This weekend I drove to Port Gamble, a tiny, tourist town overlooking the the Hood Canal, in Washington State. I like to visit the old General Store during the holiday season to see the elaborate Christmas decorations inside. It is such eye candy! The photos I took do not do justice to their beauty. I highly recommend making a trip here. Lot’s of unique gifts and a small cafe in the back of the store that offers ice cream, sandwiches, soups, and the best tasting chocolate brownies I’ve ever had! And there are several other unique boutiques along the main street as well.

And while you’re there, don’t forget to visit the Marine Seashore Museum upstairs. It’s pretty fantastic!

All images property of Peggy A Thompson

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Autumn Beauty in a Japanese Garden

Some of the most colorful spots to visit during the autumn season is a Japanese garden. There is usually one located in major city parks, often hidden in a secluded area, nestled within the confines of a quiet, natural area. And, sometimes, they are found in areas that you would never think you would find them. Such is the Japanese garden hidden away in the beautiful Bloedel Reserve, located on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Here you can walk a few miles on groomed trails within a quiet, old-growth forest, and then suddenly come upon a clearing that contains an eloquent Japanese garden. Fortunately for me, I timed my visit to the garden at just the right time, when the leaves were at their prime colors. Here are a few photos of the garden that I hope you will enjoy.

Bloedel Reserve is privately owned, and there is a gate entrance fee. Please visit site link listed above for more info.

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Forest Zen

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More Autumn Impressions

More autumn impressions from local gardens around the area, including Bloedel Reserve. This is just a small portion of photos I have been snapping over the past few days, many times in between the rain drops. Photographing conditions have not been the best, and trying to get a good exposure was next to impossible, at times, with grey skies scattering the light. I found the best conditions inside the forests, away from the open sky areas.

All images property of Peggy A Thompson

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Autumn Impressions

Weather patterns are quickly changing, here in the Pacific Northwest, heralding in our typical, rainy pattern for months to come. There has only been a day here, a day there, for getting out for nature walks, and so I have pointedly taken advantage of these few days to get out and photograph the season’s changing colors before they disappear. I have literally taken hundreds of photos this past week. Below are samples of how the change in season has affected plant life, in all shapes and forms. Here are my autumn impressions.

All images property of Peggy A Thompson

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