More Summer Gardens

I recently visited another favorite garden of mine, located between Port Gamble and Kingston, Washington. It is Heronswood Garden, one of the best kept secrets in the region. There’s always plenty variety of plants and flowers to view during each spring, summer and fall season. Please visit their website, as they are open limited days of the week and have an entry fee. I promise you will not be disappointed. Enjoy the few photos posted below. Besides the sunny, structured portions of the garden, there are woodland trails as well that exhibit many more species of plants and flowers. Visiting each season is a must to see them all!

All photos property of Peggy A Thompson

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Colorful Summer Gardens

I’m so proud to live in a city whose public gardens management takes pride in the beauty and pleasure it brings to all those who visit, near and far. I am referring to Point Defiance Park, located on a point of land overlooking the waters of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington. One of the park’s more popular attractions is its variety of gardens. Besides its outstanding Rose Garden and large Dahlia Test Garden, a major highlight during the summer season is its colorful Border Floral Garden. It often forms the backdrop for private, summer weddings. Each summer the garden comes alive with colorful Zinnias, Nicotiana, Lilies, Blue Salvia, Snapdragons, to mention a few. Here’s a few photos I snapped to give one an idea of what to expect when visiting the garden.

All photos property of Peggy A Thompson

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Watching the Flowers Bloom

A few, favorite photos of mine I took as I watch the seasonal flowers bloom.

Blood Red Asiatic Lilies and Sedums
Dragon Lily (Voodoo Lily, Dragon’s Tongue)
Hanson’s Lily
Garden Phlox and Bee Balm
Sequoia and Acanthus

An added bonus: A male Common Whitetail Dragonfly

All photos property of Peggy A Thompson

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A Day at Mount Rainier National Park

Just before our extreme heat wave in June, here in the Pacific Northwest, I visited Mount Rainier National Park. There was still plenty of snow covering all the trails at Paradise Meadows, and lakes were still frozen. As many times as I have been to this park over all the years, I have never seen so much snow still around in June. I was a bit disappointed that none of the trails were open yet, but I thoroughly enjoyed what beheld my eyes, nonetheless. With the temps warming up, rivers were running fast and high, and cascading waterfalls were plentiful throughout the park.

All photos property of Peggy A Thompson

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America’s Provence

Welcome to Sequim, Washington, America’s Provence. This serene, pastoral region along the Olympic Peninsula’s northern coastline has optimal growing conditions for Lavender. During the mid-summertime, one can catch a whiff of the wonderful fragrance wafting through the breeze. Everywhere one sees the purple blooms throughout town. Scattered throughout the area are many lavender farms, many with their own gift shop, offering up personal products made with their own farm’s lavender essential oil. Each year the farms team up to take part in the area’s Lavender Festival, traditionally held in mid July. This year, because of the pandemic, there will not be a traditional street fair as usual, but each farm will be welcoming visitors with their own special activities. I got a jump start and visited several farms this past weekend to avoid the usual crowds during festival time. I picked out some images that I took at two popular farms: Purple Haze Lavender Farm and Washington Lavender Farm, the latter of which is also a bed & breakfast. The first 4 images were taken at Purple Haze Lavender Farm, and the last 4 images were taken at Washington Lavender Farm. Enjoy!

If you are interested in touring the many lavender farms during the 2-week festival, visit for more info.

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