Return to Heronswood Garden

A month ago I visited Heronswood Garden, located in Port Gamble, Washington. It was my first time visiting, and I had promised myself to return in a month to view changes in the seasonal blooms. All I can say is, wow! This is a most beautifully manicured garden. One can feel the love put into maintaining and caring for it. I even found another area of the garden I had missed the last time visiting. I hope you enjoy the images. If you live in the area, I highly recommend visiting the garden. It is open on weekends only, with limited visiting hours.

All images property of Peggy A Thompson

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Late Spring Blooms

Just when you thought spring blooms were over, up pops some of the most beautiful flowers of the season! Mid to late spring brings colorful blooms such as Wisteria, Lilies, Poppies, Peonies and more.

Paeonia lactiflora

Paeonia lactiflora

Himalayan Blue Poppy (Meconopsis lingholm)

Himalayan Blue Poppies

Korean Dogwood (Cornus kousa)

Calla Lily “Green Goddess”

Hosta Plants and Ferns

Spiderwort (Tradescantia)

Mountain Laurel (Spoonwood)


All photos property of Peggy A Thompson


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The Art of Calla Lilies

I love to photograph Calla Lilies! They are so photogenic with their many varied shapes and forms of flower blooms. So here I present to you some artsy Calla Lilies!

All images property of Peggy A Thompson

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My Ship Has Come In!

Figuratively speaking, only! I had the opportunity to photograph a popular tall ship, here on the west coast, over the weekend. The Lady Washington was at home port, in Westport, Washington, for a few weeks. She is well known as “The Black Pearl” in the popular movie series, Pirates of the Caribbean. Paid participants went on a 2-hour sail. I timed my visit so that I could watch her come back to port and be able to take some photos and video clips. Her sails were at full mast only far out in the water. I zoomed in as best I could with my camera. As she got closer, the sails started coming down, and I could see her crew climb up to the tops of the masts to secure them. Quite a job! I could see the ship pitch and roll. I hope none of the sailing participants got sick! Here’s a few images.

The Lady Washington will continue her journey up the Washington coastline the next few weeks, with port stops in Port Ludlow and Port Angeles. From there, she will be making stops along Puget Sound ports, during the summer months. You can view her schedule here.

All images property of Peggy A Thompson


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It’s Azalea Time!

Along with Rhododendrons blooming are Azaleas. Do you know what the major difference is between these two flowers? Azaleas are actually a Rhododendron species, but the major, physical difference between the two is the number of stamen each has. Azaleas have 5 stamen, and Rhododendrons have at least 10 stamen. Remember this little fact, and you’ll become nn expert in no time identifying these flowering shrubs! Below are a few images of colorful Azaleas.

Azalea and Peony

In contrast, here are a few images of Rhododendrons with their higher number of stamen.

All images property of Peggy A Thompson


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