It’s Azalea Time!

Along with Rhododendrons blooming are Azaleas. Do you know what the major difference is between these two flowers? Azaleas are actually a Rhododendron species, but the major, physical difference between the two is the number of stamen each has. Azaleas have 5 stamen, and Rhododendrons have at least 10 stamen. Remember this little fact, and you’ll become nn expert in no time identifying these flowering shrubs! Below are a few images of colorful Azaleas.

Azalea and Peony

In contrast, here are a few images of Rhododendrons with their higher number of stamen.

All images property of Peggy A Thompson


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A New Garden Explored

I am just so excited to share with you some images from a botanical garden that I have never been to before – Heronswood Garden, located on the Kitsap Peninsula, near the small town of Port Gamble, Washington. I had only become aware of it last year, and had made up my mind to visit this spring. The garden has limited visiting days and hours, so please visit their website before heading out on your drive. The garden has to be, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever visited. There are looped trails through shaded, woodland areas along with a sun filled garden area, complete with a portager. Below are just a few of the many plant and flower species found in the garden.



Lady Slipper Orchids (Cypripedium)

Lady Slipper Orchid

False Solomon’s Seal

Pleione Orchids

Candelabra Primula

Pink Peony (Paeonia mairei)

Yellow Peony

Red Trilliums

White Trilliums

Wood Anemones

Omphalodes cappadocica – Starry Eyes


Phlox subulata – Creeping Phlox

I would like some help in identifying the large, green and brown, variegated leafy plant. There are many other plant species in the garden, but obviously I don’t have enough room to display the many images I took. I plan to go back in June, when there will be a whole new set of flowering plants blooming, including Giant Himalayan Lilies and more. I highly recommend visiting this unique garden!

All photo images property of Peggy A Thompson


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Happy Earth Day!

Just a reminder to recycle, reuse, and reduce! Happy Earth Day!

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Easter Greetings!

Whatever your religious persuasion or cultural beliefs, I extend my seasonal greetings to you on this Easter and Passover Holiday. It was a very nice weekend here in the Pacific Northwest. Nice weather for a stroll in the garden!

Have you ever seen these bright, lime green blooms in the spring? They are a type of Euphorbia species, commonly known as Spurge. There are lots and lots of different types of Spurges.

Bergenia plants are in full bloom. I like how this one looked next to a bright, yellow Dandelion.

Everywhere, the Cherry Blossoms are in bloom! So beautiful!

Found these red Cowslip Primroses just starting to bloom!

Even the pond turtles were enjoying the nice day!

All images property of Peggy A Thompson


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National Orchid Day

April 16th is National Orchid Day057

So in honor of the day, I decided to make a photoshow of many different species of Orchids from my archives of Orchid photos. I hope you enjoy!


All images property of Peggy A Thompson


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