Garden Delights


It was a great day to get out and stretch the legs, and so I went to my favorite, local garden park (Pt Defiance Park) to see what summer blossoms were out. I spotted a few, new species that I never saw before and tried to make a mental note as to what they were. Many of the plants have labels stuck in the ground, next to them. The above image is one of an herb, but I don’t remember which one. My mental notes don’t always stick.

Here’s an interesting beauty. Maybe, not so beautiful, but the color is. I’ve seen this steel blue plant before, but never knew what it was. It looked to me to be some sort of thistle plant. When I got home, I googled “blue thistle,” and found what I was looking for. My intuition was correct! It’s called Alpine Sea Holly, also known as Alpine Eryngo.


Wonder where the popular, natural sweetener, Agave syrup comes from? Here’s an image of the plant’s spiny leaves. Ouch!


Here’s what may be the last Iris standing. I was surprised to find one so late in the season.


A lot of the colorful, summer lilies are in full bloom now, like the ones below.


Here’s a flower in the Carnation family called Little Pinks.


Now, here’s an exotic species, if I ever saw one. Exotic, at least, to me! It is called a Voodoo Lily. Never heard of it before. It is hard to photograph because it is quite big and long, with this really long stamen jutting out of it. It is a wine colored, wrinkly blossomed plant … very strange looking.


Here’s my favorite … a bumblebee loaded down with pollen. Not sure what type of flower, though. It reminds me of the sub-alpine Lupine that is common in our mountain areas. What a great day it was to get out and smell the flowers!


© Peggy A Thompson

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10 Responses to Garden Delights

  1. All beautiful! Like the first one most!

  2. The flowers are beautiful!

    A little tip to help jog your memory, take a photo of the label that goes with the flower or plant if you can. I say that even though I forget to do that way too often.

    • An excellent idea! I never thought of that. Thank you! A few times I would jot down info, if I had a notepad or piece of paper with me. Sometimes, the plant labels are halfway buried under leaves, making it impossible to take a photo of, but I will definitely keep the idea in mind.

  3. Very vibrant colours, Peggy!

  4. I am loving the flower collection!

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