Freezing Waterfalls

023Took a Sunday drive today to view a freezing Snoqualmie Falls. Always wanted to do this, but most of the time driving conditions were too treacherous to get there. The subarctic air we’ve had lately has been very dry and road conditions were great; road traffic was light, to boot! The only bad thing was the lighting conditions, especially this time of year when the sun’s angle is so low and causing flare on the camera lens. I did my best to prevent this. Unfortunately, I was not able to get some wider angle shots, as a result of bright sun shining in my face. The air was so cold, as well, stinging my face. Ouch! So here are some blue tinged photos to go along with the icy cold air and water.


Some of the walkways along the top of the fall were closed due to frozen water spray, making any form of navigation treacherous. At the top of the falls I snapped a few shot of the vegetation thickly coated in ice. Some of the formations looked like spaghetti.


Sitting atop the cliff overlooking the falls is the internationally famous Salish Lodge. Snoqualmie Falls is a major tourist destination in Washington State.


© Peggy A Thompson

About northwestphotos

A long time resident of Washington State, located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest USA. I am retired and enjoy regional travel, exploring all the wondrous, natural settings that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. If you get a chance, visit my Northwestphotos Zazzle store,
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17 Responses to Freezing Waterfalls

  1. samacwns says:

    Beautiful pictures! Planning on going there in May…can’t wait to get pictures!

  2. Gunta says:

    You’re far braver than I am, heading out in this ungodly cold spell we’ve been having. Know the frustration of difficult lighting only too well. But you did great. Especially liked the spaghetti!

    • Thanks! Snoqualmie Falls sits in a position not favorable with the sun for taking photos, especially this time of year. But, hey! It was totally amazing and beautiful to be able to witness these icy conditions at the falls … with or without a camera. It’s our eyes that capture the moment!

  3. They are gorgeous shots, Peggy!

  4. Peggy what a fairlyand that must have been! lovely! This has been such a strange year…. things are all mixed up.

    • Thanks Darlisa! Yes, it has been a strange season everywhere. Seems the country is in a mini-ice age. Your photos of that blazing sunset afterglow of the Columbia River Gorge is to die for! Lucky you!

      • thanks Peggy! funny I was so disappointed I did not catch the full fire, so I wasn’t sure about even posting this…but I did on facebook page, and it took OFF like none other! it has been viewed over 16,000 times and I just hope some of those bring me some business 😉

        • This is the problem with us being so critical of our own work. I know exactly what you mean! What may be a disappointment or ho-hum for us may be spectacular to someone else not familiar with the area. Never under estimate yourself! Keep it going, girl!

  5. Ingrid says:

    Brrrr….stunning shots but sure looks cold 🙂

  6. Such amazing images, Peggy. I’ve never thought about waterfalls becoming frozen. You’re a much hardier woman than I am, to brave that cold weather. 🙂

    • It really was colder around that waterfalls than anywhere else. I’m glad I went when I did because the conditions started to thaw the next few days. Thank you for visiting my blog. Glad you enjoyed the photos!

  7. alesiablogs says:

    I came upon your blog through Andrea. Love your photos. I am from Seattle. I think you might enjoy these shots and by the way I am following you now!

    • Welcome! Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog. It’s always nice to meet up with others from the Puget Sound area and the Great Pacific Northwest, in general. And, thank you for your blog link to Mt Hood and Timberline Lodge. That is a magical place for me, and I always make it a point to visit whenever possible.

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