Spooky, Autumn Trees

Once again, I was inspired to create a photo show of autumn images depicting the awesome, gnarly branches of Japanese Maple trees during the autumn season. Not only is their fiery colored leaves magnificent, but their gnarly branches twisting and turning at all different angles strike me as spectacular as well. They sort of give me the creeps and are a bit spooky this time of year! I hope you enjoy the photo show.


All images property of Peggy A Thompson


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Late September Blooms

As usual, I try to get out to the gardens to take some final photos of the glorious Dahlias that put on a show for as long as Mother Nature will allow. This year, instead of posting image after image, I decided to put together a little photo show along with some music and posted it on You Tube. I hope you enjoy it.


All images in video property of Peggy A Thompson

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The Carbon River Temperate Rain Forest

Welcome to the Carbon River Temperate Rain Forest, located on the west side of Mount Rainier National Park, Washington. What makes this Pacific Northwest rain forest different is that it is an inland rain forest, something one does not get to see very often. Most temperate rain forests are located in coastal areas. But due to a very specific micro-climate close to Mount Rainier, this small sized rain forest flourishes. Rainfall here averages 70-90 inches per year, most of it falling during the winter and spring months. Persistent fog during the rest of the year provides moisture for the forest. The primary tree species in this forest are the Western Hemlock and Cedar. You’ll also see an abundance of Devil’s Club, a spiny shrub with large palmate type leaves.

Access to the rain forest is located at the end of a road and has limited parking. There is a short loop trail with boardwalk. But, watch your step! The boardwalk is very old and rotted in many areas. One of the foot bridges is out and you cannot complete the whole loop trail. Here are a few photos. It’s pretty hard to get clear shots with the limited lighting in the forest. It’s actually a bit eerie and spooky inside there!

Devil’s ClubOplopanax horridus

All images property of Peggy A Thompson



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Heronswood Garden in the Late Summer

Back for a visit to one of the most beautiful gardens I know of … Heronswood Garden, located in Port Gamble, Washington. This is my first year visiting the garden, and I’ve been returning every few months to witness the change in seasonal blooms. My latest review of the garden is not disappointing in the least. In fact, it’s stunning! So much variety, and so much color! One of my favorites were the many varieties of Hydrangea.

And here are some photos of other sections of the garden. I don’t know what some of these plants are. If you recognize any, please feel free to leave a comment as to their ID.


Agapanthus –Lily of the Nile

Red Dahlia and Yellow Leopard Plant Flowers

Pink Speckled Stargazer Lily


There is so much more! Too many to show here! And then there are those plants that are bearing fruit right now. Arisaema seeds are just forming now. They will turn a bright red as the season progresses.

Arisaema – Commonly known as Jack-in-the-Pulpit

Here are other plants with their interesting, colorful fruits and berries.

All photos property of Peggy A Thompson

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Late Summer Blooms

We’re at the peak of summer bloom time! And with August and September come the Dahlias! They come in so many varieties and colors. Some of them are: decorative, cactus, fimbriated, anemone, ball, collarette, single. Here’s a small sample.

Here’s one that looks like it couldn’t make up its mind what color to be!

All photos property of Peggy A Thompson

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