More Autumn Impressions

More autumn impressions from local gardens around the area, including Bloedel Reserve. This is just a small portion of photos I have been snapping over the past few days, many times in between the rain drops. Photographing conditions have not been the best, and trying to get a good exposure was next to impossible, at times, with grey skies scattering the light. I found the best conditions inside the forests, away from the open sky areas.

All images property of Peggy A Thompson

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Autumn Impressions

Weather patterns are quickly changing, here in the Pacific Northwest, heralding in our typical, rainy pattern for months to come. There has only been a day here, a day there, for getting out for nature walks, and so I have pointedly taken advantage of these few days to get out and photograph the season’s changing colors before they disappear. I have literally taken hundreds of photos this past week. Below are samples of how the change in season has affected plant life, in all shapes and forms. Here are my autumn impressions.

All images property of Peggy A Thompson

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Fruits of the Season

Autumn is primarily known for its colorful, changing leaves. But there are other processes at work during this time of year that transform buds into berries. On one of my nature hikes this past week, I took photos of all the types of berries I came across on foliage. A few I recognized, and many I have no knowledge as to what they are. In all cases, I think they are all beautiful.

Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina domestica)

Mountain Ash (also known as Rowan)

American Beautyberry

Oregon Grape

The rest of the photos posted below are unknown. If you have any idea as to what their plant species is, please feel free to comment.

All images property of Peggy A Thompson


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Last of the Summer Blooms

I managed to snap a few shots of the few, blooming dahlias left at a local garden. It was a perfect fall day. What better way to end my last photo session with the dahlias! So here are some colorful blooms of different varieties of dahlias, the last of the season.

As well, I took some photos of the Japanese garden at Point Defiance Park, in Tacoma. The garden pond was perfectly still, creating colorful, autumn color reflections on its surface.

All photos property of Peggy A Thompson

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Autumn’s Color Palette


I recently spent a day in Mount Rainier National Park to immerse myself in autumn’s color palette. The color intensity was off the scale! Perhaps this was because plants were already stressed from the unusually hot and dry summer the Pacific Northwest recently experienced. And then came September, with cooler than normal temperatures. I’m sure the irregular weather patterns played a part in the exceptionally blazing colors.

I spent part of the day hiking in the Tipsoo Lake area along Chinook Pass and then made my way down Cayuse Pass to the Stevens Canyon entrance of the Park. If you really want to take in the most color in the most scenic parts of the park, this is the way to go. I’ll start with images from the Tipsoo Lake area.



Next are images taken along Stevens Canyon Road, heading towards the Paradise Meadows area. If you look closely, notice the roadway along the side of the cliffs. That’s where I drove from to get to the current viewpoint.

And lastly, a few photos taken along Paradise Valley Road. This is the same road that passes by Paradise Meadows, the visitor center and the park lodge, continuing as a short, one-way loop around the Paradise River Valley and ends at the terminus of Stevens Canyon Road. Hang a right and you will quickly be at the main road leading to Paradise Meadows, once again. This short loop is an absolute must to not only get some fantastic views of the mountain, but it also offers fantastic viewing areas for more blazing, autumn color along the sides of the valley. There are plenty of parking areas along the side of the road to stop for picture taking.

I hope you have enjoyed my autumn images of the park. Keep in mind that the crowds at the park are still quite heavy, even on a weekday, with everyone wanting to see the change-of-season colors. Parking lots fill very quickly, and my advice to you would be to arrive at the park early in the morning. Try to avoid the weekend, if at all possible. Also, the region’s rainy season is knocking at our doorstep, which means the higher elevations could get some snow. Get out there now, before the weather makes its dramatic changes!


All images property of Peggy A Thompson

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