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Mount Rainier’s Hat Styles

For the most part, our hot, dry, and smokey summer is over with, here in the Pacific Northwest. The start of the rainy season is upon us, and temperatures have cooled considerably. And that means that viewers in the South … Continue reading

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Mount Rainier Shows Off in Grand Fashion

Some days I feel more blessed than others, living here in the Pacific Northwest … like yesterday. It was a very nice morning when I woke up, and I pondered where I should go  that pleasant day, it being Saturday. … Continue reading

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Mount Rainier Wearing Her Hat

Yesterday was one of those rare days that our revered Mount Rainier donned one of her stylish hats. They are called “cap clouds.” The scientific name is altocumulus lenticularis. I was thrilled to be able to capture this moment. This … Continue reading

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